Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse & How I feel about it

My NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse & How I feel about it Video Clips. Duration : 1.62 Mins.

XXX March 10th Update XXX THIS MOUSE IS COMPLETELY FLAWED. DO NOT BUY IT. PROBLEMS SUMMARY: Double clicks on its own frequently on single clicks. Cursor slides on its own. Side buttons poorly made. I take all my good words about this mouse back. They were my first impressions, and on the first glance this mouse is nice. But after a year of use, I change my mind. I e-mailed them about the problem a few days ago (I'm sure they have tonnes of emails like mine) and still no answer yet. I wonder if they just got tired and ignore their customers who bought the mouse, and concentrate on their computer case products. Until this is fixed, I will highly recommend you all to NOT get this mouse lol. XXX Below are my previously typed comments XXX The video only contains images. I'll express myself here so you won't have to fast forward in the video to read. My previous mouse is an ancient Logitech MX300 and I'm bored of it. Just like my old Mac keyboard. I was looking for a mouse that looks nice, and has a potential to perform outstandingly whenever I want it to. I considered the Razer Lachesis, but I dislike it's flashing logo in the back before. I also considered waiting for the Razer Mamba, but some reviews pointed out some flaws I cannot accept. Then I turned back into looking at this NZXT. I read a lot of reviews, and a lot of them described this mouse to be better then all of Logitech's and Razer's. I cannot compare them for you, as I don't own any Razer mouses, but this mouse ...

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