Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element Gaming Mouse review

Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element Gaming Mouse review Tube. Duration : 7.47 Mins.

Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element ================= -6500dpi laser -1000Hz polling rate -10 buttons, 9 reprogrammable. -128kb onboard memory with 5 user profiles. -5x4.5g removable weights -Braided cord -Smooth rubber coat finish -Gold plated USB connector -3 five colour LED lights. RRP: AUD Release: April Approximate size: length 120mm x height 41mm x width 60mm. EDIT: I took a quick comparison photo of the BLACK and the Element. It looks deceptively large but actually feels alot smaller. The very slim back is a big part of that feel.

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