Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dashboard Bass Cover

Dashboard Bass Cover Tube. Duration : 4.18 Mins.

This is a bass cover of Modest Mouse's "Dashboard." It was somewhat an experiment, and instead of using my camera's mic, this time I wired my amp through the line-in slot in my sound card. I used the headphone jack on the amp, so the quality isn't incredible, but I personally think it's much better than my camera's crappy mic that can't pick up bass wavelengths worth a damn. I also partly covered this song because someone very very special to me likes it a lot. Anyway, enjoy, and please comment maturely.

Keywords: Bass, Guitar, Fender, Jazz, Precision, American, Highway, duncan, seymor, frets, modest, mouse, dashboard, bassist, funk, fingerstyle, slap, pop, funky, rock, yyz, Seth, Mellinger

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