Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Make a Non Wireless Printer a Wireless Printer?

Many printers that are artificial today are mostly wired leveraging on Ethernet technology. It is not wise to term them as obsolete and go in for a new wireless printer. We always have workarounds and a wired network printer can be no ifs ands or buts converted into wireless; thanks to confident adapters. There are quite a few adapters available in the market that can turn any printer into a wireless printer. There are any wireless printing kits available in the market and they mostly work on Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth adapters are made up of two parts; one is the Bluetooth adapter and the other is a print adapter which connects to Usb or to the parallel port for printing. Being Bluetooth enabled, they can hook onto other Bluetooth powered devices such as Pdas, mobile phones or even a digital camera that is Bluetooth enabled. The only constraint is that all of them should have the same Bluetooth profile.

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Setting up a Bluetooth adapter is easy. It needs to be plugged into the Usb port of your law and drivers are auto installed depending on the operating law used. This is followed by the law recognizing the Bluetooth device. But, it is known that synchronizing Bluetooth devices with other devices is no easy task; the same applies here as well.

How to Make a Non Wireless Printer a Wireless Printer?

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The adapter requires more power than the Pc can offer on Usb. Hence adapters come with an independent power cables and need to be plugged for operation.

Most Bluetooth adapters today offer both the parallel and Usb interfaces. But, it is seen that these adapters tend to work on standalone particular function printers only; and not on multi-function printers.

The price tag on Bluetooth adapters vary based on the brand averaging nearby £60, production it an frugal viable option wireless solution.

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